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“We totally loved the house. It's one of the best houses in Watamu, in the perfect private setting, affording the best views. The outdoor seating areas are cozy and generous. The bedrooms and bathrooms are all beautiful and spacious, perfectly proportioned and perfectly air conditioned. We loved all the different areas to be, both indoor and outdoor, private retreats and bigger spaces to hang out. The kids watched the cricket and athletics from time to time, so it was good to have a tv.

The staff were very friendly and efficient. One favourite was the main houseboy (forgotten name) … who was discreet, fast, tidy and managed to get the washing back same day to the right room every time. He always smiled.
The pool guy was quick and skillful to adjust the pool after rain turned the water green. ”


The place doesn't fail to amaze us, we are in total awe. Douglas has cooked wonderful food and the other staff are very helpful and efficient too.

Anne Marie2018

Thanks for a great weekend!


I absolutely LOVE the way you do things. This is the best private villa I have ever stayed in…


We had the most amazing time in Watamu, so thank you all of the staff and the villa was lovely!


Gina's house was beyond belief. Beautiful inside out, amazing views, and tremendous comfort. The staff, and especially Douglas were incredible. i am still dreaming about the food.

MelekotJul 2018

We had the most amazing weekend and experience at Gina's Villas - we knew it was amazing, but what we experienced exceeded even our high expectations! great location, amazing space/place and friendly staff - resulted in one of the best holidays we've had!

JustinApr 2018

We would highly recommend this house, it was spectacular.

NatashaOct 2017

Simply one of the most lively places at Watamu, mesmerised to stare at the ocean all day and feel that the waves were crashing into our bedroom. An amazingly attractive and well-appointed home with a view like no other.

BillAug 2018

We wanted to applaud you on your villa. We truly enjoyed our visit and will be back very soon. We were very impressed with your attention to detail and comfort. Cornelius was very helpful and welcoming

VishalOct 2017

We really had a great time, and our friends who stayed at Matalaï enjoyed a lot the house, so that we had to call them to join us in Treehouse!!!

JyFeb 2018

The house was great and the location even greater. The food was excellent and the staff very friendly and flexible.

MartineJuly 2017

Very beautiful place!

JasonOct 2017

We loved our stay in the house, everything was perfect and the service provided was outstanding.Thank you for hosting us

AshniMarch 2018

A fantastic place. Very high end, new and well maintained. Outstanding cuisine

ChristophJun 2018