Watamu is a small and peaceful coastal town on the North Kenya coast.  It is located 105 kms north of Mombasa and 15 kms south of the town of Malindi.  Watamu is situated on a small peninsula within the curve of Mida Creek and is surrounded by natural beauty including one of Africa’s top beaches, Watamu Marine Park, Arabuko Sokoke Forest and Mida Creek Reserve.

Watamu was originally a sleepy coastal town mostly habited by the local Giriama and settler families.  It has grown over the years to become a chic holiday destination with Italian influences especially in the restaurants and coffee shops.  Many of the older properties have been updated to beautiful villas.  Watamu has remained peaceful and tranquil whilst offering luxury villas with modern amenities combined with a stunning variety of activities and sports.

Getting to Watamu & About

Getting to Watamu is relatively easy, from Nairobi, either from Jomo Kenyatta airport or Wilson Airport.  The flight is approx. 45 minutes.  They are daily flights available with Jambojet, Airkenya, Fly 540 and SAX. Watamu itself is 30 minutes from Malindi airport by taxi. Alternatively you can fly to Mombasa with a transfer of appoxs 2.5 hours. An increasing number of international airlines now fly direct to Mombasa eg Ethiopian Airlines via Addis Ababa and Qatar via Doha.

When in Watamu it is easy to hire a car, hire a taxi,  or even use the cheap and plentiful Tuk tuks.  A Boda boda motorbike taxi is also available.

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